BC-M01 massage chair

Bodycare wholesale BC-M01 massage chair

4.800 AED

iRest SL-A191 Full Automatic Massage Chair With SL Rail 3D Massage

6.450 AED
iRest SL-A191 BROWN

iRest wholesale SL-A100 Intelligent Massage Chair Zero Gravity

16.700 AED

iRest A100 is not just your standard massage chair. It’s the latest innovation in therapeutic massage, giving you a full body experience that expertly works to relieve your muscles and joints from all the day-to-day stress! The iRest A100 features unique acupressure point sensors for the ultimate relaxing massage service. It doesn’t just pamper you, iRest A100 provides complete relaxation to help relax every part of your body and mind, exactly what you need at the end of a long work week. And unlike other regular massage chairs that are an eyesore and look terrible in any home or office, the iRest A100 is designed to complement any atmosphere with its stunning metallic chrome finish, while providing any room with a touch of luxury.

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Zero gravity means that the legs and torso are at 118 degrees elevation, the location of thighs and calves are above the heart. The gravity of each body part will distribute average on massage chair to make pressure on body fully release. It makes you under weightlessness condition and enjoy perfect relaxation without any restrict.


Combined with human engineering and studied super long’s” shape space curved rail technology, massage distance is 137cm, makes you enjoy personal massage from the head to the leg, helps to maintain the human body vertebra “S” shaped curve, achieves relaxing the spine and relieve tense muscles.


Leg part can be adjusted according to user’s height (max 25cms). Clockwise counter clockwise shitsu and airbag squeeze massage in leg part. Designed with 3different shiatsu methods to release fatigue of the leg caused due to long standing.

For Whole Body Massage

iRest SL-A100 is suitable for head, back, hip, Legs and Foot massage.


Other Features

  • 3 Memory modes
  • 5 Levels of massage speed adjustable
  • Free installation design
  • Multiple positions massage
  • 3 Levels of massage speed adjustable


One Year Warranty

Free Home Delivery and installation

iRest SL-A100 (7)

iRest SL-A100 (7)

iRest SL-A100 (2)

iRest SL-A100 (3)

iRest SL-A100 (4)

iRest SL-A100 (5)

iRest SL-A100 (6)

Additional information

Weight 141 kg
Dimensions 142 × 81 × 94,5 cm

Orange, Red


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